Molasses-Ginger Crisps

I’m no baker.

There are only a few cookies that my family requests I make.  Mostly, we turn to Roger’s daughter, Nicole because she has a floured thumb.

This month in our household is “Leftember,” the month when we try to eat stuff that is leftover in our cabinets.  I stumbled upon two large jars of molasses and used these as an excuse to make cookies.

I read a lot of molasses crisp recipes in search of just the right one.  Usually, I don’t make Martha Stewart’s cookies because they are just one step too elaborate for my average cooking skills, but her Molasses-Ginger Crisp recipe looked like it had possibilities.

The results were shockingly fabulous.  The raw dough tasted amazing which promised good results to come.  The baked cookies were crisp without being too crunchy, and the flavor was ginger/sugar/molasses without being overpowering.

Here’s the real test of a great cookie–alternating all night, Roger and I snuck cookies from the cookie tin.  Finally, I had to ask him to hide them from me.  And despite the quantity I consumed, I did not feel full and bloated.

So tonight, I’m making a second batch because Roger really did hide the first batch, and I’m craving more.  These will be top on my Christmas cookie baking list.  Looking forward to the office cookie exchange this year!

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