Poinsettia Check!

Today is the seventh and that means it’s time to check on the progress of my 2011 poinsettia plants.  If you recall from August I was down from my 5 originals to just 1 that was struggling through.  The sad news is that they have all died.  I might have been more attentive in the leaner early spring months and nursed them a little more. The good news is it is only about 7 weeks until I can buy 2012 plants!  I promised to post the tips and plans for the whole year.  So even though mine have been added to the compost bin I will still let you know what comes next.  September is easy- continuing watering and fertilizing.  Just be sure to keep them above 65 degrees (no problem lately around here!).  October will bring some challenge- complete darkness for the plants.  Check back on October 7th for all the details on operation black-out.

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