Christmas card crafts – Help!

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the greatest number of Christmas cards sent by an individual is 62,824 mailed by Werner Erhard (founder of est) in 1975.  I could use just a fraction of those cards as I embark on the recycled Christmas card Christmas tree project. (I’ll have to come up with a better name for that.)

I solicited cards at work, and a handful of friends and co-workers donated their old Christmas cards.  Roger unearthed a box or two from the basement, so at least I am set to start.

I’ve mastered two kinds of stars, and I have the old standby constructed from round disks folded into triangles and glued together at the edges, but I’m looking for variety.  Any suggestions?

I used some canning jar rings to make framed ornaments that I saw on the website  That site credits Better Homes and Gardens for the idea, but I couldn’t find the original article.  The ornaments are cute, but I’m ready to move on. (Also, I exhausted my meager supply of undented, unscratched jar rings.) Next, I glued miniature scenes to the flat backs of teardrop shaped glass prisms.  I am not entirely thrilled with the result, but this idea is under consideration.

Finally, I found two lovely ornament ideas, again on, but originally from Better Homes and Gardens.  I’m posting both photos here for your feedback. I love the egg covered in recycled card petals.

I haven’t come across the idea for recycled Christmas card garland, except for the unique suggestion from Leslie of one constructed of alternating beads made from cards strung with real beads.  While I love the idea, it sounds potentially labor intensive because I figure I will need a minimum of 16 feet of garland.

Earlier today I was telling my mom, Shirley, about the growing popularity of the flannel dog toys I’ve been making. She volunteered to make some if I have a sudden rise in demand for the toys.  That got me to thinking that I have two willing hands for Christmas ornaments.  I may need to have an ornament construction party.  Maybe it can be a make one and take one type of party?

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