Recycled card flowers

I’ve been feverishly working on the ornaments for our DIY recycled Christmas card tree.  I’m excited to report that I invented my own ornament that is surprisingly beautiful and easy.

I was inspired by Michael’s 50% off sale on Ek Tools. Like Cricut cartridges, Ek tools create dimensional punched paper.  I bought the flower punch and, beginning with this one tool, I punched the Christmas cards into long strips, curled them into flowers and glued on a miniature clothespin.  I finished each with a small candle.

I intend to clip the paper candle/flowers to the tips of the branches.  One of the nicest aspects of the craft is the conservation of paper.  One medium sized card = one flower.  Roger suggested that I modify my craft by painting the clothespins gold.  That’s a good idea.  I’m considering concealing the base of each flower with ribbon.

I’ll be making a second trip to Michael’s to see if the Ek Tools are the answer to my garland quest.  Perhaps there’s something I can do to cut more intricate garland and link it together.

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