Swedish Julbord at IKEA

I’m taking a break from my Christmas card craft obsession (Except,  I admonished Roger for using birthday candles on Leo’s cake tonight.  I need them for my crafts!)

On Sunday, we stopped at IKEA for a stroll through the maze of aisles, staring at all of the things we would buy if we actually needed anything.  On the tables in the cafe, I saw that they have posted their Christmas Julbord menu.  No word when the menu will be served, but the menu is posted so you can dream about the all-you-can-eat Swedish experience.

Last season, the Julbord was $9.99 and was served on the first Friday in December, in two seatings.  Children under 12 ate for only $2.49. The IKEA website has not posted this year’s event, but I’m betting it will be Friday, December 7, so mark your calendar.  If I go, I’m taking my grandson, too.

I’m not a big fan of herring, but I do like all things salmon. (There are three types on the menu.)  Gratang Jansson is some sort of potato dish with cream, onions, cheese and anchovies.  I think that’s potatoes au gratin with anchovies–sounds perfect.  The menu will include the standard IKEA favorite–meatballs with lingonberries.  There are hard boiled eggs with shrimp, too.

“Julboard” means “Jul” or “Yule” (Christmas) with “bord” (table).  What IKEA lacks in ambiance, they make up in interesting foods.

The beverages include Glogg, which is a hot spiced wine.  I’ve included the recipe here in the event that you can’t attend. I don’t know how I feel about eating this Christmas meal with hundreds of my closest shopping buddies, but I’d like to try to recreate the Swedish Christmas dinner at home.

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