Book Christmas Tree and More Unusual Evergreens

My sister Susan posted this great photo of this book Christmas tree, first built by employees at the Richard A. Gleeson library in California in 2009.  Obviously, it made such a great impression that it’s been Tweeted, Facebooked, Pinned, and more for the past three years.

This got me started thinking about unusual trees.  This summer, I saw a great one made out of wine bottles, and there’s another one made with bottles of Mountain Dew (appropriate because they’re green).

Still, what trees would make you stop in your tracks?

One of my co-workers has promised a visit to her friend who has several Christmas trees each year, including an upside down tree.  I went on line, and these are out of my price range $250+), but look amazing.

I’m not ready to say, though, that the upside down tree is the “ultimate” in unusual.

The bicycle Christmas tree is a great outdoor display.  I’ve included a link to a website that celebrates several trees from around the world.  I encourage you to check out a few more links–like the Pinterest of Christmas Trees.

Unusual Christmas Trees

Top Ten Christmas Trees

Usually, I don’t care about having a bigger house, but if I did, it would have a tree in every room!

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