Earlier today Natalie was showing me the fruits of her bargaining labor from yesterday.  In addition to boxes of wonderful ball ornaments, lights, and some glittery ornaments there was a glass tree topper.  You know, one of those long pointy ones, that I’ve never seen on a tree anywhere but the department store where they are sold.  I don’t mean to be judgmental but do people actually have those on their trees in their living rooms?  I just assume that everyone either has a star or angel.  A little research backs up my thoughts.  Angels are the most popular, closely followed by the star.  The topper’s significance is its representation of the divine birth, either as the angelic host or the guiding star of Bethlehem.  Some more crafty types opt for the large bow with the ribbons cascading down the sides of the tree.

Most homes keep a traditional display.  Growing up we had an angel on the tree and I do the same today.  In college I was on a budget so our tree topper was a cardboard star I cut out of a box and then covered in aluminum foil.  Classy!  A little searching on the web lead to some more non-conventional choices to top a Christmas tree.  Some choose snowmen, Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, and other Christmas type items.  Then there are the really unusual selections.  Antlers, dragons, fairies, teapot, flamingo, octopus, and my personal favorite- Yoda.  No matter what your choice be sure to put something on top of the tree- it just looks weird without anything.

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