Fortune Cookies – Make your own wishes

Oh so many years ago, I decided to bake fortune cookies shortly before winter break.  Student volunteers and I made fortunes from phrases in novels we had studied, and then we went to the cooking lab to create homemade cookies.  What I learned from that experience is (a) how fun it is to create our own meaningful fortunes, and (b) how hard it is to bake “easy” fortune cookies with the help of many hands.  Because the baking time is short, and the hot cookie must be shaped and cooled very quickly, it’s difficult to have more than one or two bakers at a time.  I remember a lot of laughter and burned fingertips.  I wonder what my students remember from that day?

I’m explaining this because yesterday, during our podcast, we got the idea to make Christmas-themed fortune cookies.  For one brief, shining moment, we thought we had our next “get rich slow” scheme.  I think Jeremy’s idea of making themed fortunes is genius.  I would love to make a “Dickens” or “Jane Austen” set of fortune cookie fortunes.  We quickly moved on to types, colors, packaging–the whole works.  Before we left the studio, we were ready to incorporate and begin.

Unfortunately, reality set in today when I began to research the idea. Been there.  Done that. Someone else (several someone-elses) had the idea before us, and two online vendors look like great possibilities. . .if you don’t want to go the “burn your fingers” route.

Beau coup (celebrating life one event at a time) offers chocolate dipped cookies with or without an organza bag.  A dozen, wrapped individually, with shipping, is approximately $2.00 a cookie.  These would make nice wedding favors, but the price is a little steep for the gift-giving I had in mind.  Beau coup will allow the purchaser to customize the messages for an additional $35. They sell custom color and custom logo fortune cookies, too.

A second website, but by no means the last, that offers a huge selection of fortune cookies is  They sell similar varieties, with the added bonus of custom giant fortune cookies.  The single cookie, about the size of a 8″ round cake, is just about $30.00.

After looking at some of these choices, I think I’ll stick with hand-made fortune cookies.  I have included the basic recipe I used. There’s nothing wrong with the multitude of prepared choices.  I just like the idea of making them myself.

If you have a unique fortune cookie idea, let us know.  I saw a garland of popcorn and fortune cookies on one of the websites.  That looks like a project, but I bet children would love it!