Pinterest and Christmas planning

My niece Nicole and I have a crafting day in November or early December to make a dozen gifts for her friends and family. It’s a special time for me, and I think about possible projects most of the year.

I used to tear pages out of magazines and keep them in a binder. Now I rely on my Yule Log board on Pinterest.

We started our tradition years ago when Nicole didn’t have a lot of interest in choosing which craft we did together. Now she is in high school, so it is more of a partnership.

She scrolled through my possibilities, rejecting the pipe cleaner reindeer root beer bottles an red and white candy cane play dough. We narrowed it to two favorites–one is a gold Hershey Kiss tree with gold beading and the other is a snowman made from a spindle, but I am not revealing anything because the present is supposed to be secret.

Well, really, the secret is the power of Pinterest and the ability to organize ideas for later use. I feel so “ahead of the game” this year. Can’t wait to craft with Nicole.