Poinsettia Time!

Today is the 7th and that means it’s time to check in on the progress of your 2011 Christmas Poinsettia Plants.  That’s right, YOUR poinsettia plants, not ours.  Remember, mine are now long gone- maybe to serve as compost for some 2012 plants.  Hopefully your plants are faring much better and are ready for a triumphant return this December.  Here are the plans for your plants for October:

The poinsettia is a short-day plant budding according to the amount of daylight.  They are going to need about 10 weeks of long hours of darkness to bloom full and strong for Christmas.  Long hours of darkness means at least 12 hours of darkness a day.  You will need to create an artificially dark environment for your plants.  It is recommended to keep the plants in total darkness from 5 PM until morning each day.  It is best to put the plants in some type of closed box or chest.  Putting them in a closet or closed off room is risky if there is any chance light might enter through cracks.  Just the smallest light will throw the bloom schedule off.  During the non dark hours each day the plants should continue to be placed in bright daylight and watered regularly.  Keep this treatment up for the whole month of October and into November.  Next month will be time to plan for the glorious return of bright brilliant blooms.

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