The scent of Christmas

Roger reminded me tonight that I haven’t even tackled a whole category of Christmas–its smell.  In a few days, Michael’s, Jo-Anne’s, Wal-Mart and others will begin putting out large bags of cinnamon scented pine cones (right near the entrances) to get all of us in the holiday mood.  Funny, I found very few positive comments online about the big red burlap bags.  Most seem to feel like I do.  Those scented pinecones are worse than the smell of Axe body wash.  One blogger wrote, “they are the bane of my existence” and another “choke me to death.”

I would rather think of the candles, soaps and room scents available at this time.  Better yet, make your own potpourri. (Although, the simmer pot of potpourri is not always practical in my little kitchen.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could have too many Yankee Candles.  Forget about the look-alikes and knock-offs.  I haven’t found any imitators that burn as cleanly and as long or smell as nice.  I have always liked scent of  “Home Sweet Home,” which was introduced  early in the company’s history; however, ironically, the chief complaint about the flavor is the overwhelming cinnamon smell the overpowers any hint of other spices or tea.

While this scent is popular at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the company has a full holiday line:  Festive Favorites.

Just like O.P.I. nail polish and Martha Stewart paint, I’m a sucker for the name.  (Major digression–O.P.I.’s new line is based on all the James Bond Movies.) A Yankee candle named “Cherries on Snow” has to smell good, right? “Home for the Holidays” is cinnamon, clove, cedarwood and balsam.  I don’t go for the tropical “Christmas at the Beach” (coconut, cilantro, pineapple).  This year, I’d like to try “North Pole” (vanilla and mint), but Roger is anti-Vanilla anything.  We may have to settle for “Christmas Eve,” a mysterious combination of “warm hearth, sugarplums, and candied fruits.” Do you have any suggestions?

Bath & Body Works has a line of Christmas soaps, including Winter Cranberry and Holly Berry, two of my favorites.

I don’t know about you, but I fall for paying extra for the seasonal Kleenex Christmas boxes, seasonal foaming soaps and air fresheners.  Of course, Bath & Body Works often advertises 6 for $20 soaps.  Six bottles lasts a long time, which is why we have a little Christmas on the bathroom sink right now–last year’s purchase!

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