Christmastime in Frederick

As I turned the corner on South Market Street last night I had my first truly excited intake of air as I saw a sing of Christmas.  The first of the downtown trees here in Frederick was all lit up with white Christmas lights.  The sight of this little piece of a city tradition brought a big smile to my face and warmed my heart a little.  Here in downtown Frederick there are many wonderful Christmas traditions, activities, and decorations.  My absolute favorite is the stringing of the small white lights on all of the trees along Market & Patrick Street.  The City public works staff tend to the hanging and maintenance of the over 250,000 lights.  They are powered through volunteer owners of downtown properties.  Winter 2011 was very hard on the lights and many needed to be replaced last December.  There was no city money to help with this cause and the residents of Frederick rallied together to raise over $50,000 to replace and modernize the lights.  (Read the Gazette coverage of the lights from 2011)  The lights give downtown a warm and happy holiday glow.  I can’t imagine downtown Frederick without the lights at Christmas.

There are many other wonderful Holiday traditions and activities here in Frederick.  I plan to share as many of these as possible with you this holiday season.  To help you plan ahead check out the Celebrate Frederick website.  I plan to be at the Festival of Light on November 30 to get me in a Frederick Christmas mood.  You can also check out the listing of Frederick happenings on’s Washington area events listing.  I am hoping Natalie will get to the Messiah sing-a-long!

One comment on “Christmastime in Frederick

  1. says:

    When are the lights turned on downtown? a certain weekend or event?

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