Twelve Days of Christmas in. . .

A few years ago, I promised my niece a day trip to New York City to visit the American Girl store and see Time Square.  It was a terrific to see her sense of excitement and wonder on our whirlwind tour.  I just had a genius idea for a gift this season.

I saw a children’s series at the bookstore in New York City.  Each book was titled: 12 Days of Christmas in . . . There were states and major cities.  The twelve days cover famous tourist sites in each location to match the song.  For families planning a major vacation or expecting visiting cousins, one of these books with tickets to a venue in that city would make a great family gift.  For example, there’s a Christmas in Washington, D.C. which could be combined with Metro tickets, brochures to the National Zoo, and a gift certificate to a Washington restaurant.

Better yet, it would a fun activity for a child to write and illustrate his/her own 12 Days of Christmas centering around the family’s most cherished items and activities.  There are plenty of book publishers that specialize in small printings of children’s books–wouldn’t a gift like this make a wonderful present for aunts, uncles, grandparents and more?  This blog gives easy instructions and recommends for publishing.

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