Podcast #40- 62 Days to Go!

Podcast #40-Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Sweaters, trees, and 80 degrees!

We’re back!  After a week off for our autumn hiatus we bring you the latest from the Yule Log.  This week we review our latest posts and discuss thoughts on advent chains, Christmas trees, holiday prep, and sweaters.  The Christmas sweater requires much more thinking and Natalie has some ideas she shares about how to turn wearing the ugly things into a way to do good for those in need. We also review our baking and cooking plans for the Yule Log and cookies are on the horizon!  Listen to hear more about our Christmas push and a plea to borrow some trees.


2 comments on “Podcast #40- 62 Days to Go!

  1. chelc56787 says:

    I definitely did not mean to complain! Natalie was right – you should feel needed and appreciated! Love your blog and podcast 🙂

  2. Chelsea C says:

    I definitely did not mean to complain when I asked where your podcast was from last week! I love your podcasts and blog, and Natalie is right – you both should feel “needed” 🙂 Keep on keepin on, and Happy Holiday Season!!

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