Song of the Week #15- Santa Baby

This week our focus song places the spotlight on the lighter, sillier side of the holidays.  Santa Baby is a tongue-in-check tune about a Christmas list including furs, things from Tiffany’s, and a deed to a platinum mine.  The lavish requests are all addressed to Santa, since she’s been an angel all year.  The song was written in 1953 by Philip Springer and Joan Javits (her uncle was NY Senator Jacob Javits, namesake of the Javits Center).  Santa Baby is one of only two top ranked Christmas songs written by a woman (the other is song of the week #9- Little Drummer Boy).  The original recording was made by Eartha Kitt with Henri Rene and his orchestra.  It was a huge hit and Kitt said it was one of her favorites.  Hundreds of live and recorded covers have been over the years.  One of the most well-known was the 1987 version recorded by Madonna for the album A Very Special Christmas.  The collection of songs raised money for Special Olympics.  Check out some of the recorded versions of the hit:

Eartha Kitt– The original recorded version from 1953
Madonna– 1980s cover from the material girl
Taylor Swift– a country sound for the tune
Miss Piggy– Even the Queen of the Muppets gets in on the act
Michael Buble– His version (for guys) changes it up to Santa Buddy and updates the lyrics