Hallmark Countdown to Christmas and more unusual ornaments

In our urgent efforts to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, Roger and I went to the grocery store to buy flour (for waffles), bacon, and ice cream.  As we were bustling down my the aisle with Thanksgiving and Christmas cards, I spied a Disney Countdown to Christmas ornament.  As Jeremy and I have spent an entire year counting down, this looked like a great stocking stuffer–although it would be more suitable for Thanksgiving party favors.

Another item on the rack above the Christmas cards was a Christmas Merry-Okee.  This is a microphone with six pre-recored holiday songs and a songbook with original and silly lyrics.  Children (and goofy adults) can sing into the microphone, and the sound is transformed to sound like an elf.  I think that my grandson would LOVE this toy–and it seems like it would be an excellent children’s party toy.

A third item, is a Grab-N-Gabs Elf.  In this case, it’s like the old Mad Libs.  The child (or adult) records answers the elf’s questions.  Then the elf tells a story, inserting the funny answers.  I liked Mad Libs as an elementary school student, so I can see this appealing to the elementary set; however, I saw a YouTube video where the young person was playing with the Grab-N-Gabs, but the humor came using inappropriate words. That’s always a side effect Mad Libs.

My least favorite of Hallmark’s offerings is the Jolly in the John Snowman (on the heels of the Jokin’ in the John Ghost).  In this case, when the Snowman senses motion, he speaks one of four phrases.  I feel that there are plenty of items for the bathroom that are seasonally appropriate–star-shaped soap, pine scented candles, snowman and Christmas tree-ceramic soap trays, patterned towels and more.  I might even give in to holiday printed toilet paper.  I don’t need a talking snowman, though, to interrupt my privacy.

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