Ready or not!!

Well, it’s official. Christmas is coming! If you went into any retail store today you couldn’t miss the arrival of the holiday merchandise displays. Years ago we had to wait until Thanksgiving to see the multitude of offerings from every store and company out there. Today it starts super early. Even weeks ago you could find some small displays of Christmas items, but today is the full-on arrival of the holly and the ivy. As soon as the kids head to bed after trick-or-treating the stores transform the halloween displays to winter wonderlands. Candy corn makes way for candy canes and Casper the Friendly Ghost gives his shelf space to Frosty the Snowman. It can make for quite the odd vision if you catch it in mid-changeover!

The switch to all things Christmas is not limited to retail displays. Magazines and other media get on board too. The November issues of some of the local magazines arrived today and include all the details on how to get your Christmas rolling right now. Complete calendars of parades, parties, concerts, and more crowd the pages. Sales ads are focused on gift suggestions and holiday displays. Target and Toys-R-Us sent out their mini-catalogs full of ideas. I noticed my first lit tree on the way home tonight- bright white LED lights. It’s exciting that the rest of the world is catching up to us at the Yule Log in preparing for Christmas 2012. All that remains is for radio stations to start playing Christmas music and the transformation is complete!

Another little note about today’s importance. November 1st is All Saints Day too. Or All Hallows or Solemnity of All Saints for Catholics. (FYI, a Solemnity is the highest ranking feast day in the liturgical calendar. The observance begins with a vigil the night before.) This day is in honor off all the saints, even the unknown. There is a lot of good reading about the history of the celebration, definitely worth a read. Start with a google search and enjoy.

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