Santa Coupons

While cutting through Barnes & Noble last night I discovered a clever little holiday book.  Nestled on the shelf in the middle of the aisle was a small and narrow “book” titled Coupons from Santa.  The subtitle read “Stocking stuffer coupons to redeem throughout the year!”.  Inside the paper cover were 22 coupons to “keep Christmas spirit alive all year”.  The simple, rather plain-looking, coupons are to be turned in to the giver for various gifts in the future.  The future gifts included a batch of cookies, control of the remote, breakfast in bed, a massage, playing of a board game of choice, peace and quiet for an hour, car wash, dinner out , and more.  Some of the coupons promised more Christmas throughout the year with a holiday dinner or  movie.  All in all the collection wasn’t too impressive.  The sticker price was $5.99.  What I got from this was an idea spark for a great gift, not an urge to give that book to anyone special.

Make this coupon collection on your own.  With a little creativity, some ribbon, and access to decent clip art of some construction paper you could be the best gift giver ever.  When you personalize the coupons they would mean so much more.  Instead of the generic dinner out, it could be a specific dinner out.  Maybe the first place you ever ate together, maybe the fancy little treat bistro, or a place you’ve never been to, but always wanted to visit.  Replace the breakfast in bed coupon with a specific menu of exactly what the recipient would enjoy.  Don’t include generic household chores, but rather specific tasks that you know the recipient would love to not do.  We have covered this idea in previous posts on the Yule Log, but seeing this book laying there reminded me of the joy of a personalized version.  (another bonus is that the actual cost of this gift comes later in the year, not right at the holidays!)

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