Song of the Week #17- Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays was written in 1954 by the team of Allen & Stillman.  The original title to the song was “(There’s no place like) Home for the Holidays”.  Thankfully this has been shortened over the years.  The song has become one of the most heart warming songs for Christmas time.  If you listen to the lyrics carefully though, you might get more visions of the Thanksgiving time  (pumpkin pie’s in there after all).  We return to one of the most familiar voices of Christmas for the quintessential “official” recording- Perry Como!  Como actually recorded multiple versions of the song, first in 1954 and soon after in 1959.  The orchestrations were different and the 1959 version is the one we hear most often.  Many have recorded it over the years for their Christmas albums and the song is featured in many a holiday movie.  In 2011 the song was the subject of a T-Mobile flash-mob styled marketing project in Chicago.  Lots of ladies in bright holiday dresses sing and dance their way through the shopping center to the delight of the surprised shoppers.  After watching that, be sure to listen to some great recorded versions:

Perry Como– the best know singer sings it well -live!
Como II– The 1954 original recorded version.
Carpenters– The siblings take a turn at singing the hit. (Richard sings solo for the first time after Karen passed)
Lauper & Jones– Cyndi and Norah croon a little in this duet.

One comment on “Song of the Week #17- Home for the Holidays

  1. Natalie says:

    I just want to know how TMobile got so many pink dresses. I wish I was in that chorus–I’d like to be the dancing girls in the elevator. When do I get to be in a flash mob? That’s on my Christmas bucket list.

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