Ho Hum–Does your Christmas card need some creativity?

I took Noah to the playground today, and, and there was a family trying to take advantage of the very last of the fall leaves to capture their holiday photo.  I remember that it was just about this time of year that I would purchase the matching shirts/sweaters and haul my boys off to what I hoped would be the best location for our annual photo.  I’m laughing now remembering knocking on a stranger’s door because she had an excellent tree in full blazing orange.  We were chased off a golf course one year.  Other years, I posed them against a white fence. . .a pumpkin patch (closed). . .a river. . .a fake waterfall at the front of a random neighborhood, etc. . .You get the idea.  All of those photo shoots were stressful, starting with the complaining about the new clothes, the drive to the location, the weather that was never “just right.”  Seemed like when I got my act together, it was late afternoon and faces were always crossed in weird shadows.

That’s so old school.

I need to learn how to use Photoshop to my advantage!  Karen Robert at HoHumCards, posted a terrific description of the Bale Family Christmas card. This family has been creating an unusual card every year, including their 2007 card (pictured here).  Check out her blog post with Bale Family Christmas cards through the years.

In 2008, Robert published a “best of” collection of holiday cards through the years, Merry Christmas From. . HoHumCards website is user-friendly, and people like me can get great ideas from the Card Gallery and Creative Tips sections.

I don’t know Karen Robert personally, but I like her spirit. I’m going to talk to Jeremy about bringing her on to a podcast soon.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk Roger into a “Naughty or Nice” Christmas card this year, but I think I can get some fun ideas for Noah and the dogs?

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