Out with the Old…

Weeks ago we alerted you to the possibility for exchanging your old strings of incandescent Christmas lights.  Stores would give you a coupon towards new energy-efficient LED lights.  Both Home Depot and Lowes have had deals in the last few years.  Home Depot has been running the program since November 1st and it ends on Wednesday, November 14th.  This is your warning to get out and take care of things now!  Check out your local circular for specifics at your neighborhood store.  You can read a little more about the specifics on the website www.freebiestodeal.com as well as other specials.

What are LED lights anyways?  Light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas lights are gaining popularity due to their low energy usage, very long lifetimes, and low maintenance. Colored LEDs are more efficient at producing light than colored incandescent bulbs.  LEDs use much less electricity (only 4 watts for a 70-light string) and have a much greater lifespan than incandescent. LEDs are also less likely to break from impact or rough handling.  The lights are more costly than incandescent, but save energy use and last longer.  Those savings over time make them worth the initial cost.  LED lights seem to have few complaints.  The only one I could find involved squirrels.  Yes, squirrels!  Seems they enjoy gnawing on the hard covers on the bulbs.  They didn’t chew old lights because they would have been shocked.  The low energy LED bulbs don’t have enough current to hurt them, so they chew away.  Solution?  Experts say leave some hard nuts on the ground around your light displays to distract the squirrels.  Problem solved.


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