Secret #2 For a Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012. Today we share Secret #2*- It’s Okay to Forget!

This secret is inspired by all those forgotten items, gifts, cards, thoughts, etc that are part of every holiday season. None of us are perfect. There is no way to do it all, remember everything, and make it through without an “oops”, “drat”, or “what if”. Everyone has had an uncomfortable moment when you realized you overlooked someone for a gift or card. Many have had the thoughts of “if only I had… then this would have been perfect”. Don’t dwell on the forgotten. It’s just part of the holiday experience. Even the first Christmas had an uh-oh (what if Joseph had remembered the Inn reservations?). Keep track of the things you should have or could have done this year. Make a list of the forgotten cards, gifts, or cookies. Make note of the things you wish you had done: the lights display you read about after the fact, the craft festival at the local church you saw on Monday after it happened, or maybe the free holiday concert or parade that someone told the attended last weekend. Remember, those overlooked or forgotten things are the foundations of the planning for NEXT year!

*This secret was in no way inspired by the fact we forgot to post it in October:)

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