Eggnog on Sale Now!

Is your reaction “Yuck” or “Yummy?”

I’m in between.  My initial reaction is “Yummy” if the eggnog is (a) very cold, (b) a very small quantity and (c) from High’s.  I saw a huge poster in the Royal Farms winder last night–eggnog is here for the season.  My holiday behavior is to buy the smallest container of eggnog, drink one juice-sized glass, complain about feeling full for about two hours and then allow the rest of the container to go bad.  Finally, we throw out the eggnog in about two weeks.

Eggnog is made with milk (or cream), sugar, and beaten eggs. Liquor can be added, like bourbon, whisky, rum, brandy or a  combination of liquors.  It’s garnished with cinnamon or nutmeg.  Eggnog that is sold in stores has been altered according to FDA requirements so that you are not drinking raw eggs.

Eggnog is a popular drink throughout the United States and Canada, and is usually associated with winter celebrations such asThanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Commercial non-alcoholic eggnog is typically available only in the winter season. People often add eggnog to coffee or tea, and during the holidays, many brands of ice cream advertise eggnog ice cream. Here’s a link to CNN’s article about the history of eggnog.

An interesting historical fact is that the Eggnog Riots occurred when cadets smuggled alcohol into the Naval Academy in winter 1826 to spike their eggnog.  Twenty cadets and one enlisted man were court-martialed.

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