An entirely festive look at trees

On Friday morning, the Gaver Farm in New Market, MD  will open at 9 a.m. for the earliest birds who want to cut a fresh tree, officially beginning the 2012 holiday season. (Don’t get me started about those who are earlier than Friday!)   Jeremy and I visited the farm today, where the entire Gaver family was making its last-minute preparations.  We met with Danielle from the Frederick News Post to talk about  TheYuleLog and our participation in the Festival of Trees!  I guess there is some irony that we met at a live tree farm to discuss the artificial trees we decorated.

The Festival of Trees opens on Friday morning, too, and we can’t wait to see how our handiwork becomes a part of the entire winter wonderland at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.  I have included this link for ticket information and more about the celebration.

Meanwhile, Roger shared a link about an entirely different kind of tree–the first ever digital tree. Those on Facebook can donate $5.00 per ornament and then place the ornament on the digital tree.  ScentSicles (the only scented ornaments that smell exactly like a real tree) and Balsam Hill (the world’s finest artificial Christmas Trees) have partnered the first-ever global Christmas tree decorating party. The Communitree is an interactive event that lets anyone – anywhere in the world – remotely operate a tree-trimming robot and decorate a single, rotating Christmas tree. For every decoration attempt, ScentSicles and Balsam Hill will donate $5 to Toys for Tots, in an effort to achieve a donation goal of $20,000. Successfully hung ornaments can be shared on Facebook, where each “Like” they receive triggers an additional $0.25 donation. Over the course of the event, Balsam Hill will also give away 15 of their premium trees to the Toys for Tots Foundation.

As of this posting, the Communitree had raised $7,751, with a total of 632 participants, and 1,411 “Likes.”  The event is available through tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

While I was reading about the digital tree, I was distracted by the sponsoring company, Balsam Hill.  Their website features amazing, look-like-real, absolutely expensive, Christmas trees. The Balsam Hill Company provides the life-like artificial trees on television sets, including Rachel Ray, The Today Show and my favorite, Ellen!

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