Gray Thursday, Black Friday and Refrigerators

FNP's photo of us taken at Gaver Tree Farm.

Photo by Bill Green, published in Frederick News Post today.

10:00 p.m.:  Just received a call from Jeremy who is out shopping with Allie.  At the time of the call, they had hit three or four stores, in timed intervals according to the sale fliers, and they were walking into a Walmart–without a cart.  He informed me that carts are too cumbersome on Black Friday.  Allie told me that another of Jeremy’s Black Friday rules is that she can use the restroom only upon entering the store because after that they are carrying all of their purchases. No time for bathroom breaks at the checkout.

I am happy to celebrate this madness–by phone–although I am dismayed to know that my partner in blogging has succumbed to this season’s early shopping frenzy.  In my Thanksgiving manifesto (which I threatened many times but never wrote), there is no shopping until midnight.  This is a long rant that I will save for a future post.

So, while he’s out joyfully joining the shoppers (there were NO parking spaces at the Walmart when he called), I did what?

Cleaned the refrigerator. The kind of cleaning that involves taking apart all of the shelves and scraping off the sticky stuff at the bottom of the fruit bin.

I decided the most excellent kickoff to the holiday season is to prepare space for future party foods and leftovers.  Want to know the truth?  A jar of pickles fell on me when I opened the refrigerator, and the pickles caused a chain reaction that left a bowl of cooked apples spilled throughout the refrigerator.  Roger and the dogs retreated to the bedroom after receiving enough of my ire.

What am I thankful for late on this Thanksgiving evening? Here’s a short list.

  • My husband, despite the fact that he did not help me clean the refrigerator, because he drove to three gas stations to find six copies of today’s Frederick News Post.  The 7-11 employee thought maybe I just wanted six sets of the sale inserts so I would get more coupons?  That thought did not occur to me, but I bet people do this!  Roger took the newspaper apart at the counter to show her my picture.
  • Having such an abundance of food, that I had to clean the fridge to make room for more.
  • Receiving countless congratulatory texts, calls, emails and Facebook posts celebrating the article in the FNP.
  • The reporter, Danielle Gaines, for the time she took to actually read the blog–I mean read it from the beginning. The photographer, Bill Green, who made us look like two civilized people.
  • My family, friends, dogs, chickens (which make for excellent conversation wherever we go–especially today).

I’d have to say that the best part reading the article about us in the FNP today was the opportunity to read in print someone else’s perspective on the whole year of my friendship with Jeremy through our Christmas celebration.  Somehow, we have remained friends through almost 365 days (-32) of our Yule Log blog.  It’s an interesting test.

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