Reindeer Cam: Watch reindeer and see who’s been nice!

reindeercamReceived a tip from Gini, another one of my good friends who is trained to spot interesting Christmas happenings and forward them to me.  Last year, two enterprising Michigan (Gini’s from Michigan, so maybe there is a little bias) men installed a webcam on their property and created the website , Santa’s official reindeer live feed, so that children around the world could watch the reindeer all day and see Santa feed the animals at 11 a.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.  Meanwhile, in the background of their festively decorated pen, there is a ticker tape listing all of the young people who have written to Santa and reported that they have been “nice” all year long.

There is an app available for download ($1.99) so you can check in at any time.

The list of nice children is difficult to read and is a little blurry, but I imagine if you time it right, showing your children Santa feeding his reindeer is a big hit. I have opened the app three or four times, but so far, I’ve only been treated to reindeer eating.  Not too thrilling.  Looking forward to a glimpse of Santa.

The FAQ’s indicate that there are three ways to be included in the “nice” list, one of which is to donate to the reindeer feed.  There’s an address so children can write to Santa and get their names on the “nice” list.  There is a Facebook page, and on the website comments, both positive and negative, continually feed down the right side.

Started in 2011, the website received millions of visitors, and they’re back again this year.

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