Video Christmas Cards – A look at the possibilities

sladeOn Saturday, Roger and I went to the Sykesville Veterinary Clinic on Liberty Road to take our annual Christmas photo.  It was for a good cause, the Red Cross, and our pet sitter works there, so Blue and Peso were excited to participate.  (We discussed a photo with one of our chickens but worried that they might mess on Santa’s suit–maybe next year).

Some of my friends would express concern about our interest in pet photos with Santa–but I assure you we were not alone in our endeavor.  Just a few hours later, we received notice from Two Paws Up in Frederick that they would have a booth at the Humane Society which was offering photos with Santa on Sunday.

A simple photo, though, appears to be a thing of the past.  Roger sent me this link with 10 YouTube video Christmas cards.  The first of the 10 features the Slade family singing under water–that takes a lot of planning!

Videos have the added advantage that each member of the family can contribute something unique, showcasing talents, lip-syncing to a Christmas tune or making a photo montage of important events of the last year.  And it’s not difficult–I assure you.  Exactly 24 years ago this month, my mother decided we would send a VHS video Christmas card to my Aunt Rosalie in Iowa–we had a new video camera (ancient by today’s standards).  I decided my contribution would be to give Ian a bath in the kitchen sink and videotape a little of it so that my godmother could see my beautiful first-born child.  All went well until Ian’s soapy head slipped from my loving grip and made a small but embarrassing “thud” on the counter–no do-overs for us.  We plowed on to Susan describing her recent foreign exchange trip to Ecuador and more.

In the YouTube link, my favorite family Christmas card video is the time-lapsed family baking cookies that spell out Happy Holidays.  The trimming of our Christmas tree might be the perfect time-lapsed video for us, considering that it would be a speeded up version of me  putting ornaments on the tree and Roger coming behind me to “fix” them.

What will you do?  Let The Yule Log know.  Please send us your Christmas video soon!  (In the link, Video 10 gives some tips for filming your own Christmas card.)

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