Did You Give Yet?

GIvingWith just over two weeks to go until Christmas 2012, this question is asked a lot!  It could have so many meanings too.  Let’s focus on giving to others, as in through a charity.  Wow, again there are so many!  Each of us can find a way to give to others in our community.  The Yule Log has shared and highlighted many of these in the last 11 months.  There are localized and specific seasonal giving and holiday projects.  There is the end-of-year gift to your favorite non-profit or charitable organization.  Thinking of Christmas, we should look to those that specifically try to do more for others at Christmas.  A discovered a couple groups today that I was not familiar with from years past.  The Angel Tree Project is an outreach program of the Prison Fellowship.  The program targets the nearly two million children with at least one parent in prison.  The hope is to provide comfort and hope through support at Christmas.  Visit the Angle Tree website for more details.  I also discovered the Holiday Project.  This program is a national network of local chapters working to provide fellowship and companions to aging Americans.  It centered on visiting those living at institutions for the holidays with no family nearby or remaining to visit.  A visit to the Holiday Project website provides information from 2011.  I’m not sure if they haven’t updated or if the organization is defunct.  A little more searching found the page for the DC Holiday Project Chapter.  It is full of information for 2012.  The most familiar of the large national charities for giving to me is Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army.  You can read all about the Toys for Tots program in the Yule Log 365 post from October 19.  More about the Salvation Army coming soon (maybe tomorrow!).

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