Sometimes we all need a “Wonderful Life” reminder

Its-A-Wonderful-LifeI started the day in a “this is never going to come together” kind of way.  We hustled and bustled with the rest of the world,  hurrying and scurrying about for last-minute gifts and visits.  I can’t say that I was a model of Christmas joy.

Tonight, though, Roger  and I watched  It’s a Wonderful Life  while I wrapped presents. (Despite my advice to others, most of my squirreled away gifts remained unwrapped until tonight.)  I first posted about the movie on Valentine’s Day last year, and I still say it is a great love story because of the unwavering faith Mary has in George, especially in the face of  ruin.  It takes a miracle, orchestrated by his wife and executed by his friends, to bring him to the realization of how priceless his life is.  All of us are reminded that at the root of that gift is the command that we must strive to bring “Christmas” to others–Christmas in the form of the gift of ourselves.  Scrooge had to learn it.  George Bailey had to be reminded, too.

While this movie is wrapped in Christmas trees, snow, angels, evil Mr. Potter, and bells, plenty of movies convey the same message–one we never tire of hearing and one we need to hear often.

Jeremy has given us a challenge for our final podcast:  describe how The Yule Log will enter its second year.  What will stay the same?  How will we change?  What will be our new goals?

I consulted my mom on this subject, and she said something curious.  She said that The Yule Log for her, has often been a like a love letter, a tour of my life and the people who make it joyful.  As I looked back to my post on Valentine’s Day, I see that I’ve stayed “on message” all year. Then, I read Jeremy’s post from yesterday  and confirmed my mother’s wisdom–he, too, has been writing a year of  “love letters” about his experiences with friends and family.

Less than 48 hours away from the “big day,” I am reminded that The Yule Log is about  the joy of celebrating the miracle of each life through the celebration of birth of Jesus.  No wonder it hasn’t been difficult to write about Christmas  for 365 days!

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