Photo Cards: a time capsule

Over the next week, you and I will be taking down and packing away our decorations.  As I specialize in recycled Christmas cards, the ones from this year will be added to my stash, but how about the photo cards?

I like to keep them from year to year and hang them in groups by family.  It’s fun to see how they change and grow.  This article in The Atlantic captures one couple and 40 years of their Christmas photos.  They posed year after year in front of their tree, with their household around them.  Something in these photos is far more honest than our pre-packaged, touched up, sweater-matching efforts of today.


In a modern take on the same topic, blogger Kristi, at “I should be mopping the floor” demonstrated her photo gallery wall.  It’s a beautiful tribute to her family over the years.  I wish I had started this when my boys were young! Maybe it’s not too late for you?


Another simple way to save photo cards that can be a craft with a young child, is to create an annual photo book bound with small rings.  Here’s a link to a step by step tutorial posted at HoneyBear Lane, and I’m sure you can find additional ideas in a similar style.

christmas card book  (12)


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