Podcast #49- 350 Days to Go!

Pod 49

Podcast #49–  Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Here Comes Year #2!

Natalie and I kick off our podcasts counting down to Christmas 2013!  With Epiphany over, today truly can begin the focus on just Christmas 2013.  Today we share our plans for the Yule Log in this new year.  We also introduce our new structure for our podcasts.  Each time we hope to share something in three categories: KNOW, DO, and PLAN. This week we get to KNOW about Twelfth night and the Julian calendar Christmas.  We take time to DO proper storage and packing for Christmas 2012 and buy those needed items for 2013.  We close with a PLAN to add some events for the next year, to make careful notes for our plans, and to save for the holiday budget.  Thanks for joining us for Year #2!!


One comment on “Podcast #49- 350 Days to Go!

  1. Denise says:

    Glad you are back! What does it mean if decorations are still up and there are partially completed gingerbread structures still covering the dining room table? Does it mean we are clinging to the spirit of Christmas and hoping it lingers a little longer into January? Or does it mean that the frosting tip we needed to complete one of the the gingerbread houses wasn’t purchased until last week and that we did not plan a day for taking down the decorations and forgoing all other potentially spontaneous plans that would be more fun? These are the questions we ponder as we begin 2013. (As well as the questions of where to store the leftover candy for future gingerbread structures and is it too late to send Christmas cards?)

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