Poinsettia Check – Aluminum Can Craft?

Grans poinsettiaOn the seventh of each month last year, Jeremy would do a poinsettia check.  He had planned to save his from Christmas 2011 and, with love and tenderness, revive them to bloom the following Christmas. He abandoned his project September 8, when it was clear there was no chance to save them.  I was visiting Roger’s mother earlier this month, and her poinsettia (with little personal attention) appears to be thriving.  That made me think of writing a post combining recyclables + poinsettias = something fabulous for next year.

I went to the website where I got the great idea to make recycled soda can angels, and Johnnie, the crafter behind the website, “Saved By Love Creations” has already blazed the poinsettia soda can trail.  In addition, she mounted her tin poinsettias on a stove ring, making it completely recycled. Johnnie’s website gives step by step instructions for the poinsettia wreath, with additional pictures of the Martha Stewart fall leaf wreath made from soda cans.  I can do this!pinterest recycle can wreath

clothespin poinsettiaI found another, less inspiring clothespin poinsettia, which I can make easily because I have plenty of those clothespins in my laundry, but I would have to do some re-configuring because they are a little too big to make a proper ornament. Still, this clothespin version would be successful when crafting with a child.


One comment on “Poinsettia Check – Aluminum Can Craft?

  1. Awww! You are too sweet. Thanks for the poinsettia wreath shout out. xoxo

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