Sweet Gum Stars: Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

‘Tis the season for planting a garden and celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

While my giant radishes are growing (to prepare for The Night of Radishes–see Jeremy’s post on April 21), I’m looking a little closer to home for nature to inspire Christmas ideas.

gum_ballsHow about the ugly little prickly seed of the sweet gum tree?  I have found the ultimate transformation of seed-to-star.  This beautiful idea is posted on the PA Department of Environmental Protection website.  It’s a sweet gum tree seed with toothpicks glued into each hole and then spray painted.  I saw examples of gold and silver.  I think I’d add a little glitter, too.

The downside is that unless I buy them at the craft store, I’ll have to wait until fall to pick them up on the side of the road.  I think they’ll look great!

One comment on “Sweet Gum Stars: Happy Earth Day

  1. rogerrebetsky says:

    No need to wait until Fall. You can find them now. We walked past a bunch in Frederick the other day.

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