Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments

At a recent party, I found myself eyeing the soda and beer bottle caps that littered the drink table.  I summoned the courage to ask our hostess for the trash, and came away with a dozen or so–much to Roger’s dismay.

With these, I had planned to make snowmen ornaments, but a quick search yielded quite a few more possibilities. I’m excited to get started on my next “trash to tree” project.  Here are my options.

Snowman bottle cap ornamentsMy basic snowman is featured on a number of blogs and websites, but I liked Shannon Makes Stuff because, in this version, two bottle caps are glued together, which gives the snowman more depth. The red ribbon to hang them is glued along the body in between the caps, probably making the snowman more sturdy.  The snowmen in the photo are from an etsy site, and the Utah crafter is clearly more skilled with jewelry-making that I could ever be.  These are just a suggestion of what someone with some real art skills could do.

Bottle Cap clustersValerie Heck featured beer bottle cap snowflake ornaments that she says were a family joke, but they were kind of cool.  I saw in the comments that her mother said the snowflakes came apart, which made me kind of chuckle.  It would be just like my mom to comment on my blog about which of my ornaments didn’t hold up over time.  Right, Mom?

bottlecap_ornamentsMy favorite, and the most difficult to reproduce, were some Christmas ornaments that came in a kit, which depended on more advanced crafting skills, including prepared bottle caps and  photo software.  The result, though, is really nice.  I suspect, on a full-sized tree, they might get a little lost.

Snowmen, here we come!