Podcast #55- 188 Days to Go!

Reagan:Mr. TPodcast #55- Click here to listen to our latest podcast- Unusual Christmas Finds!

We’re back!  Finally Natalie and I found the time to get back to our podcasts.  We are so sorry we have been neglectful of our Christmas audience!  We are back to it, good thing too since there are just 6 months left until Christmas 2013.  Today we get back in the swing with things by making sure you KNOW about lots of very weird Christmas gifts, practices, and ornaments.  We then talk about getting your PLAN in order for this year.  Be it saving, organizing, creating, building, or searching, time is running out to get that special thing finished in time for the holidays.  We close out with making sure we have something to DO.  Jeremy is on the hunt for odd Christmas treasures and building my own nativity.  Natalie is meeting with her mom to set the craft calendar for the rest of the summer.  Thanks for sticking with us and keep checking for more regular updates.  Merry Christmas!


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