Preparations for the Festival of Trees

Today, Jeremy and I made a mad dash about Frederick to pick up final items for our tree designing on Sunday, November 24.

For the Ever-Green tree, just about everything is ready, except for the crowning touch–the tree topper.  I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but the brilliant plan did not come to me until Roger remembered angels that his mother used to make out of Reader’s Digest magazine.  A quick search of the internet yielded a photo of something similar to his description.

gold angel

The blogger included great descriptions of how to make a Christmas tree and an angel.  They were easy to follow.  The angel is made of approximately 125 folded pages: the majority form her skirt, and the last 25, folded the opposite way, make up her wings.  It took me about an hour to fold all of the pages.  Right now, her body and wooden head ($1.29 at Michael’s Craft store) are spray-painted silver and drying.  I’ll post a photo of my finished product tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m working on recycled toilet paper roll ornaments.  Sounds kind of gross, but the final product is shaping up much nicer than I imagined.

Sunday decorating–here we come!