Podcast #68- Happy 5th Birthday!

bday-cakePodcast #68- Happy 5th Birthday!

Celebrating our 5th Birthday!

Natalie and I are back!  We met for our annual Christmas Eve podcast and discussed many important issues. Listen to hear about our 2106 entries and results from the Festival of Trees (spoiler- we’re now multiple award winning tree designers). We also discuss our recent Christmas adventures and what the future holds for our site. We have challenged ourselves to be more engaged in sharing our Christmas joy in 2017.  Listen to the whole podcast to hear our plans for next year- it’s going to be good!

2 comments on “Podcast #68- Happy 5th Birthday!

  1. SusanB says:

    So happy to have the Yule Log back! I like the Shakespeare idea. What about a singular theme like “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” which could have fairy and fantastical things. I also like the paper tree. Paper bead garland, origami ornaments. Possibilities!

  2. 291pa says:

    hope you guys stay with it

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