A Christmas Greeting Tree 2012

Here are all of the links to make the recycled Christmas Card ornaments featured on the Christmas Greeting Tree at the Festival of Trees!  Enjoy!

Star Tree Topper

Christmas Angel 

Paper PunchWreath:  I bought the Martha Stewart snowflake paper punch at Michaels.  After punching about 40 snowflakes, I glued them front and back to a small paper ring.  Embellished with crystals.

Paper Garland: Used an EK Tools paper punch.(Many designs available at Michael’s.)  Glued pieces of punched card together to make one long ribbon.

Carnation Flower with Candle:  Modified idea by using the EK Tools Carnation flower punch (purchased at Michael’s).  Added  a candle and a small clothespin.

Origami Wreath

Origami Basket with Berries:  Folded a small origami cup.  (Directions here.)  Added a handle, greens, and a small holiday pick purchased at Michael’s.

Christmas Paper Ball

Six-Pointed Star


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