And the secret to the perfect Christmas is…

…still a secret.  For now.  Today is January 25th.  It’s been a month since the joy of Christmas 2011.  If you are like most, those wonderful moments and memories seem like ages ago.  Our plan is to fill the next 11 months with all types of thoughts, ideas, memories, and more to keep the joy alive.  We’ve been talking about setting some specifics topics for specifics days.  I’ve decided for us on a couple to start.  On the 7th of every month we’ll be checking in on my poinsettia to see their progress and to find out what you should be doing with your plants that month.  On the 25th we wanted to be sure it was something special, so each month on the 25th day we will reveal one our Top Ten secrets to making the perfect Christmas.  Follow our secrets and you will be assured a fantastic holiday.  In addition to sharing a secret each month, we’ll also share a funny or interesting Top Ten list.  

For our first funny list, where better to start looking that the Late Show with David Letterman?  Letterman really put the Top Ten list on the map.  Here’s one of his many funny Christmas related lists courtesy of the Late Show on CBS.


10. Bells on clothing target for jeers at truck stops
9. Need two pieces of I.D. to buy beer
8. Santa’s union-busting goons killed a guy last spring
7. Black elves control the weight room
6. R&R weekends in Aleutians spoiled by trigger-happy shore patrol
5. Incredible markup at North Pole 7-11
4. Workmen’s compensation doesn’t cover “mistletoe-lung”
3. The Colonel practically runs my life (Sorry, that’s a Elvis complaint)
2. Dead elves just tossed out on tundra
1. Santa only invites his favorites to join him in the Jacuzzi

Hopefully you are familiar enough with Letterman to appreciate his special brand of irreverent humor!

Coming on February 25th- Secret #10.

When do you put away Christmas?

My first conversation with the man who would someday be my husband concerned the length of time it is appropriate to display the decorated Christmas tree.  I argued that the Feast of the Epiphany ends the traditional 12 days of Christmas, so that is the appropriate moment.  He firmly believes that out of respect for the life of the tree, we must display it as long as possible, preferably until the first day of spring or until it becomes a fire hazard.  What’s your opinion?