Christmas “Ever-Green” Tree 2013

Whole TreeWe hope you enjoyed visiting our Christmas Ever-Green Tree.  All of the ornaments were transformed from trash to treasure.  If you would like to make some of the ornaments you saw on the the tree, we have included links to photos and directions.

Here is a link to the YouTube Video that demonstrates how to make the bathroom tissue roll ornament.

Here are the directions for transforming an old book into a Christmas tree or an angel.

I saved many firewood bags from a camping trip, and my sister Susan figured out how to make a garland using the bags and string.  No sewing required.

The recycled sweater balls were easy.  They required styrofoam balls from the craft store.  Here are the step-by-step directions from Thrift My House.

These wine cork Santas were invented on the spot.  I used the white fringe of an old scarf for the beard.

I realized that the mints my husband kept buying made perfect ornaments because of the bright green and the transparent windows.  The dozen box ornaments on the tree have a variety of whimsical figures inside.

Gathering old light bulbs from friends took longer than I expected.  These gems are disappearing quickly.  I will have to think of something clever for the new CFL bulbs.

Each donated watch had its own character.  Sometimes just a bow was enough.

Found these old 45’s in a thrift store for .49 cents each.  The resulting ornament was a little large for a 7 ft. tree.  Maybe they would be better hanging in windows?

Bottle caps and hot glue didn’t do well together.  We had some breakage.  I would suggest a different type of glue.  Loved the possibilities, though!

No question, this was a favorite from my childhood.  Everyone should make soldiers from clothespins!

We made a dozen angels last spring.  I think I love them the most.  A few finger cuts from the sharp metal edges.  This is probably not the best children’s craft.

Jeremy found one of these at a craft show.  The wreath is the reason we were inspired to make a recycled tree.  The weaving pattern is the same as making a bracelet. Weave with green ribbon and finish with a red bow.  It helps to use safety pins in the ribbon edges to grip while weaving and keep the ribbon from fraying.

When we put out the call for soda can tabs, we were given a bag of red tabs.  What to do?  My sister Susan invented a candy cane weaving them together with a single white pip cleaner.

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