Merry Knit-mas Tree 2014

In November 2014, we decorated two trees for the Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees.  For the 4-foot tree, The Yule Log 365 focused on a knitting theme.  Merry Knit-mas was topped with a knitted angel created by Rosalie Hughes (Natalie’s aunt in Iowa).  The decorations included a knitted white scarf garland, recycled sweater mittens and stockings, an elf knitting a long green scarf, and more. The tree skirt was red, white, and green recycled sweaters.  Jeremy found two enormous pink knitting needs to add to the effect.  Overall, we were very pleased with the outcome.

Side Note:  Barbara and Chris Wixom (Natalie’s sister and husband) were so enchanted by the tree-AND concerned that the knitted angel would be given away-that they bought the tree as a surprise for Natalie.  The tree is in Vermont, gracing their ski lodge, but the angel and tree skirt have come to rest in Syesville, Maryland.  All in all, a satisfactory end!


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