National Park 100th Anniversary Tree 2016

The National Park 100th Anniversary tree was an adventure from the moment of its conception.  The tree idea was Jeremy’s brainchild at the 2015 Festival of Trees, and we began planning long in advance.

First, we needed a canoe.  Natalie advertised on Facebook and through friends, but how does one go about getting a donated canoe?  Donna Hennessy notified The Yule Log 365 that a canoe had washed up during the Ellicott City flood very near her place of business, and the canoe would soon be put in a dumpster.

Roger to the rescue.  He brought the canoe home, cut it at the right angle, sanded and helped Natalie to paint the canoe.

Throughout the year, we found National Park items in our travels, found bottle brush ornaments, added an antique sled and stocking, and an idea took shape.  What do you think?

img_8068 img_8073 img_8075