$100K Neiman Marcus Chicken Coop for Christmas?

beau-coopStopped into Tractor Supply for a chicken font, and the air was filled with the little peeps of chicks.  This time last year, Roger was building our own chicken house, laboring over the roof, windows, and  siding.  Where’s the chandelier you might ask?

If Roger had just consulted the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2012, he could have purchased a $100K chicken house, the “beau coop.”  Blogger Matt Hickman described the Christmas luxuries available in the Neiman Marcus fantasy gift catalogue highlighting the chicken house, complete with a library for human visitors.  What the gift catalogue description fails to provide is the monthly cleaning service because all chickens poop, even high class cluck girls.

The Christmas Book begins with nearly affordable gifts, some even under $100, but most are several hundred to several thousand dollars.  The fantasy gifts go way beyond unreal.  I would have liked a walk-on role in the Broadway musical, Annie, but at $30,000, I bet I would have been cast as one of the evil orphanage matrons, perhaps Miss Hannigan’s sister.

For kicks, check out the Christmas Book 2012, and I’ll let you know when the 2013 version is released in October.  I wonder if Neiman Marcus needs suggestions for future gifts.  I’m sure I can think of some!