Podcast #64- 104 Days to Go!

Beach-Shell-Christmas-TreePodcast #64- 104 Days to Go!
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Natalie and Jeremy are getting back to work.  After a long nearly 6 month break, it is time to refocus our Christmas spirit. We are excited to get back to sharing all the joys of the season. Today we took to the mobile studio and recorded while on the go (forgive the poor recording quality- a little studio trouble). We discuss our lack of Christmas in recent months and our renewed energy for the Christmas spirit. We talk about elves and trees and make the announcements about our tree themes for the 2014 Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees. Give it a listen and let us know what you think about our tree ideas. Looking forward to getting back to our 2014 structure of KNOW, PLAN, and DO in the coming week.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

What theme for our tree?


My mom is always helping me to brainstorm great holiday ideas. Today she accompanied me to Michaels for holiday craft supplies, and we made a visit to Christmas Spirit on Rehoboth Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

In the store entrance we saw this tree decorated in a beach theme. Mom liked the white lifeguard chair ornament. This air conditioned wonderland got me fired up to consider how Jeremy and I are going to decorate our tree for the Festival of Trees in November.


The Coca Cola tree was breathtaking, especially in the cool dim light of the store. I loved the ballerina tree and the wedding tree, but I don’t think I’ll be able to talk Jeremy into these.

A patriotic tree or music tree (there were both in the store) would be great. The Irish tree was really unique–could we assemble a tree reflecting a particular nationality?


A little off the beaten path: how about a gambling tree? I don’t know if all of our readers can support this, but Maryland has a rich horse racing tradition, and this could be enhanced with other games of chance. Items we could collect would be dice, playing cards, Monopoly money and more. I bet I can find some exciting crafts to make out of playing cards.

What I learned from the experience is that The Christmas Spirit store is the springboard for decorating imagination. We bought three ornaments, two with a knitting/crochet theme. How about that for a tree? I know I could ask my aunt or Roger’s sister for help with a crocheted garland!