Fall = Craft Festivals!

Fall has officially arrived!  It is October and that means there’s some type of festival, craft fair, or show every weekend.  This is the perfect time to get out and about and spark your Christmas ideas.  These shows run from the simple to the elaborate.  There are smaller church and neighborhood fairs.  Maybe a local fire company fundraiser or a local PTA night of crafts.  There are larger “shows” that might require an admission or some travel.  These are usually much larger and at some location like a fair or carnival grounds or maybe in a field house or warehouse.  Then there are the mega festivals that are full-on magnets for the craft crowd.  These are the ones that take over a whole town and can be your whole day.  Whatever your taste, get out there and visit one or two.  Your approach can take a variety of angles.  You could just go and watch the people and observe the crafts and creations to get ideas.  This can be of supreme value.  You might find just the right home-made inspiration to spark your own gifts this holiday season.  Maybe you’ll discover a new local candy or cookie that you will introduce to your family and friends come December.  The ideas you can absorb at these fairs is unlimited.  Of course if the idea is that good you might just have to purchase it.  Fairs and festivals can be great places to get amazing gifts.  Unique and original items are everywhere.  Might be the perfect pair of earrings for your sweetie, maybe that awesome wool sweater for mom, an original watercolor for dad, or some clever ornaments for the children.  Believe me- if you can think of it, you can probably find it out there somewhere.  Get in the car and let’s go!  Here are some local possibilities for your upcoming weekend adventures:

Oct 5-7: Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Timonium, MD
Oct 6: Cultural Arts Festival in Oakland Mills, MD
Oct 6-7: Fall Fest Weekend in Mt. Airy, MD
Oct 6-7: Railroad Days in Brunswick, MD
Oct 10-14: Autumn Glory Festival in Oakland, MD
Oct 13-14: Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, MD
Oct 13-14: Great Pumpkin Festival at Summers Farm in Frederick, MD
Oct 20: Myersville Harvest Festival in Myersville, MD
Oct 20: Holiday Craft Show at Westminster High School
Oct 20-21: Fall Harvest Days in Westminster, MD
Oct 27: Fall Frolic at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, MD
Oct 27-28: Christmas Craft Fair in Salisbury, MD
Oct 28: Halloween on the Farm at Crumland Farm in Frederick, MD