Secret #5 for a Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we share secret #5- Tradition, no matter how silly or bothersome, is key.

Traditions really are what make the holidays special for most families.  We have discussed all kinds of traditions here at the Yule Log.  Family outings, church visits, decorations, songs, food, and more.  The family happenings, even the seemingly strange or annoying ones, make the holiday special.  When we look back later in life, it is the quirky and unique actions of that family past that come to mind and fill us with nostalgia.  I can remember from my teen years being annoyed to do some of our family events involving cousins, food, and travel.  I would absolutely love to be able to have those times again.  Another great family “tradition” we had was to deliver dinner to a great-great aunt who was in her 90s.  It was a right of passage to give this task to the next set of cousins.  When it was your years, you complained and argued about having to do it.  Now when we gather as an extended family, memories of those dinner trips are always part of the happy trips down memory lane.  Think of your own family and an annoying holiday tradition you have.  Everyone thought of something.  More likely than not, that same silly tradition will be a source of happy thoughts of the past in later life.  What silly but at the same time special traditions do you share with your family?  Please let us know!


Secret #8 for the Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we reveal Secret #8- Christmas is not the time to bear a grudge- forgive!

Better late than never!  In the excitement to discuss all the friends of St. Nicholas I completely lost track of the date and missed posting this on the 25th.  Keeping track of all our holiday fun can be more that one post a day can handle.

This secret to a perfect really gets to the heart of the spirit of Christmas.  It is a perfect time to forgive and if nothing else to forget.  Far too often in today’s hectic lives families can drift apart.  Divisions and arguments from the past can grow into year-long avoidance and even estrangement.  Christmas is the best time to put those differences to rest.  Include everyone for the party.  Don’t forget to extend Christmas dinner plans to your cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, parents, and even children.  Use the happiness and kindness of the season to bridge the gap and start fresh.  It may end up being only a short reprieve from whatever trouble you were having, but it may end up being the start to a new time of happiness for you! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Forgive!

Remember in the movie Home Alone when Kevin finally talks to the scary neighbor man?  The neighbor shared about how he spent Christmas alone and didn’t get to see his son or grand-daughter due to a fight years ago.  Kevin convinces him to call them and try to make up for the past.  The end scene of the movie has Kevin looking out his window to see the neighbor man, who isn’t that scary anymore, walking up to his house with his grand-daughter and son.  Cue the sentimental musical score and grab the tissues.  Christmas might be able to fix just about anything.