Happy Father’s Day!

Today we take extra care to recognize and celebrate our Fathers.  Here at the Yule Log we must be sure to include Father Christmas in the recognition.  Father Christmas is one of the oldest representatives of the Christmas spirit.  He is known as many other names including Papa Noel, Pere Noel, and Bobbo Natale.  You might also have heard him called Old Father Christmas, Sir Christmas, or Lord Christmas.  Father Christmas may have lived in the mountains in Lapland, Finland.  He grew out of the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, or Odin in Norse mythology.  Father Christmas wore green robes (until writers and custom of the Victorian era switched him to red) and embodies the good cheer that is the Christmas spirit.  He was not a gift bringer or associated with children, more seen as the leader of adult feasting and drinking.  The Victorians started to merge his actions with those of the more child-centered St. Nicholas.  He also heavily influenced the creation of what would become Santa Claus in the United States and Canada.  Today we interchange Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, and Father Christmas easily.  We have morphed them all into a singular idea and persona when in fact they have a varied background and differing origin tales.   Father Christmas was the one to lead the people into a time of focus on good cheer and strong community.  Regardless of the name used, I know we all enjoy family, especially Dad, at Christmas and today.  Happy Fathers Day 2012!