Podcast #21- 216 Days to Go!

Podcast #21- Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Saint Joseph gets some love too!

This week we start with our usual review of the past week and talk just a little about flash mobs and Christmas in July (more on that in July of course!).  We mainly discuss the lives and times of Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband by most accounts.  Unlike Mary there is little written on Joseph.   We do know that from what is written there is little agreement.  No definitive text exists to explain the life of Joseph.  Was he a widow?  Was he old?  Did he and Mary ever consummate their union?  Were they even married?  We don’t offer answers but do discuss some plausible maybes.  We leave open a difference on the actual divinity of Joseph.  Did he have a similar connection to God as Mary and Jesus?  More research will tell.

Christmas Flash Mob? Volunteers?

The G8 summit in Thurmont at Camp David inspired mobs of protestors, mixed with crowds of the curious.  For Frederick City residents, people watching on May 18 and 19 was top entertainment. Having recently listened to a TED talk given by Charlie Todd, the founder of Improv Everywhere, I realized that Jeremy and I have a golden opportunity to create a healthy kind of mob–a flash mob during the Christmas 2012 season.

For inspiration, I checked out some of the holiday flash mobs from past seasons. Improv Everywhere created a pseudo spontaneous mall musical around the theme of sitting on Santa’s lap that they filmed on November 29, 2011 in a New Jersey mall.  If you haven’t seen the YouTube clips of Improv Everywhere events, their stated goal is to “cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.”  I have included the mall musical here.

Also, in November 2010, Seaway Mall near Niagara Falls, hosted a flash mob singing the “Hallalujah Chorus.”   This mob was created by Jennifer Blakely, co-owner of Alphabet Photography.

In Christmas 2009, Improv Everywhere roamed New York City, with a “Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce.”  In the video, a Salvation Army bell ringer is surprised to be surrounded by other seemingly random red-aproned strangers, except they are carrying traditional hand bells.  The spontaneous hand bell choir plays a song outside of Bloomingdale’s and then disappears into the night.

I think that the YuleLog Christmas flash mob may be a little more do-able than our record-breaking attempt to gather thousands of Santas on the Bay Bridge.  We’re always thinking of new ways to spread Christmas joy.  We need cameras, a theme, and volunteers.  Let us know how you can contribute!