How are those flowers?

Time to check in on the poinsettia plants.  Those 2011 plants are coming along.  We are six months into this experiment.  I have to admit that in May I was losing hope on these things making it to Christmas 2o12.  In May it was time to cut the plants back way back and to repot them.  After that it was time to water regularly and bring back to the sun.  In June the care plan directs you to wait until you start to see new growth and then move the plants outside to warm and sunny locations.  After a few weeks you are supposed to cut back each sprout by about an inch.  This is to allow the plant to gain some width and not grow tall and spindly.  My challenge has been the move to outside.  We have had an oddly cool start to June and I have not moved the plants to the porch yet.  This next week is supposed to be a return to seasonal temps in the 80s.  Hopefully my 5 pots will make the move to their summer location soon.  I am really excited to see where they go from this point.  Let’s all hope for full and beautiful plants this winter.