“Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style” Christmas Light Shows

20121209-013316.jpgHow much did you budget this year for your electricity bill? Just wondering.

My sister, Susan, showed me several lip sync versions of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen this summer–the Naval Academy, the US Olympic Swim Team, and more. This latest in lawn ornamentation, though, is unreal. The house and yard lights are synchronized to match the music. It makes the Griswold’s efforts look lame. Here’s a YouTube video of a house in Chesapeake, VA, and the Holt Family has a website gives directions. Their light show is synchronized to not one, but four, songs–including “Gangnam Style.”

As if this wasn’t enough. There are two houses that have synchronized lights to “Call Me Maybe.” The second one is equally amazing. Michael Rosenwald’s Washington Post blog reported that a Bel Air, Maryland man has set up 10,000 lights in homage to the pop hit.

Finally, check out this house in Perth, Australia. According to “The 12 Days of ‘Gangnam Style Christmas Light Displays,” the house was shut down after only three days because of the crowds it was attracting. The same article has several links to “Gangnam Style” light shows. I guess you can spend all night watching the videos on YouTube and skip the cold and the crowds.

Santa and Christmas – Gangnam Style

5:45 a.m.  A blur of dancing Santas on the gym television screens caught my eye.  From Australia, a group of 150 were dressed as Santas and dancing Gangnam style on the deck of the Australian naval ship HMAS Ballarat in Sydney Harbour.

The purpose was to raise awareness for a charity fun run next month, where organizers expect upwards of 5,000 Santas in Sydney and 25,000 throughout Australia.  Through this huge event, Variety, the Children’s Charity, delivers millions to help poor, disadvantaged, and handicapped children.

No podcast today!  The whole house smells like mint and chocolate because I’m baking candy cane topped brownies tonight to prepare for our tree designing party tomorrow. (My first “from scratch” brownies.  Recipe from Sugar Plum Blog here.) We’re gathering at Jeremy’s house to practice setting up our trees for the Kennedy Kreiger Festival of Trees, and we plan to have the entire group help us to record our weekly podcast.  More tomorrow!